ruby in hidden room?

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AuthorTopic: ruby in hidden room?
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So errrm I'm replaying the Nethergate demo because my parents said they'll buy me a computer game if I actually pass this chinese exam next month so I'll have a spiderweb software game (AT LAST!)

Anyways, I occasionally look at that walkthrough thingie for guidence and on the very bottom floor of the abandoned mines, there's supposed to be a ruby to destroy in a hidden room, but I can't find it and it bothers me. If those poor Romans were real they'd be very disoriented for all the walls I've bashed them into...anyone remember where it's at?
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I took a screenshot that should help you out.

Here is my party:

Here is the automap:

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And while you're replaying Nethergate, you might want to look into this:
Originally written by Spidweb:

OK. Here is the deal with the Nethergate Easter Egg (which will be made easier to find if I ever rework the game).

There is some space in a corner of the vale that, when you step on it, makes a little message on the text area. At this point, there is another spot in the opposite end you can step on. If you do this IN THE SAME PLAY SESSION, the quotes on the chapter heading screens change to funny ones.

It's ridiculously obscure. I did better in other games.

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Oh yay thanks! :D Although I still don't understand the whole Easter Egg dealio... hmm it's almost Easter.
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Originally written by iloveeggs:

Oh yay thanks! :D Although I still don't understand the whole Easter Egg dealio... hmm it's almost Easter.
In computer programs "Easter Egg" is a surprize hidden by the programmer. They are hard to find (often requiring pressing random key combinations on keyboard, or as in example in this thread, taking several unusual actions) and are often funny.

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