Favourite Part of Nethergate

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AuthorTopic: Favourite Part of Nethergate
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What's you favourite part of Nethergate?

My personal favourite is the fact that you can choose between celts and romans, as well as each having different traits and abilities. I wish that the differences in BoA were like that. If each RACE had it's own abilities, like divinely touched, etc., it would be so much better and challenging!

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Is this the favorite aspect of Nethergate's engine? Because I would have to say iso-3D, in that case (because of course Nethergate was the first SW game to pioneer the look that JV has used for the Avernum Trilogy and basically for the Geneforge series, too). Heights are pretty nifty, and everything just looks nicer.

As far as plot or whatever, I liked the land of the dead. I just loved that area, exploring and fighting and collecting 100+ skill points all at once.

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The stat system. I dug the way linking weapon skills to HP and magic skills to SP made it at least a little useful to build up every stat (well, except maybe Endurance).

As for plot elements, definitely finding the crones' little black book as Romans.

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The stat system, definitely. Nether spells are also fun, although few of them were worth the effort or the spell points.

—Alorael, who has to admit that he really enjoys playing the plot from two points of view. It would be even better if he didn't find the Romans painfully difficult to play as.
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The spell circles were a nice touch- it's good to see a deviation from the standard mage/priest or 5 elements-based systems.

Blessing pools were a nice (albeit minor) touch, as were the Sylak items.

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The parallel paths followed by the Roman and Celtic plots was beautifully engineered, and remains the most memorable element of Nethergate in my mind. This was best handled in the Faerie castle, where Roman and Celtic parties were recruited by opposing sides, for missions of, respectively, assassination and revenge.


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