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AuthorTopic: i am a celt
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I'm playing on the celts side and i'm trying to get to shadow valley fort but I keep running into the Romans. How can I get to it without the romans coming in my way? By the way i'm not registered. :mad:
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You're not going to be able to pull off a frontal assault on the fort, obviously. There is a way in, but not until you register.

—Alorael, who wouldn't worry about it. Even if you register, you're not going to get through until the plot is ready for it, and at that point the correct means of entry become perfectly clear.
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I have nothing much to add to this topic except to say that this is officially the best topic title ever.

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I think I can do better, tin man.

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Some of the historical competition topics in GC had some proper kickarse titles.
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Yes, but this is a 'king of kings'-esque title.

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