gryphon feather for Genevieve

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AuthorTopic: gryphon feather for Genevieve
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I assume that the gryphon feather is somewhere here in the Aerie (I visited here before) but I can't find it - please help, :(
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I don't think it's there, actually. There's a special encounter far to the south that might yield a feather, especially one that has never touched the ground. Check the FAQ to be certain.

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I can't describe exactly how to get to the pertinent area, but I do know that you must take a sort of zigzag route, through at least one hidden passage, to the very Northwest corner of the Aerie. Once there, atop the highest cliff, approach the group of gryphons and nests. You will receive a dialog box regarding the impressive chief gryphon, and the beautiful feather he is in the process of shedding. When given an option to grab the feather or not, make sure you opt to grab the feather, as it will be worthless to you once it hits the ground. Bring it back to Genevieve for your reward. While you're at the Aerie, though, don't forget to visit the very interesting character in the palace at the center.


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Yes, but you need enough Dex. to get it. In addition, I think before you can go into the room with that gryphon, you have to free the gryphon in the outdoor encounter along the northen edge of the map eastward from the Aerie.
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sorry jennierose, I play a little bit of the game but I'm not sure where this mysterious Gryphen feather is. :(

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Slasher, no offence, but... someone needs to slap you. Repeatedly. :rolleyes: This topic has been deceased for the past two weeks, the question having already been answered.
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