Some questions.

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AuthorTopic: Some questions.
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1.Ive learnt these spells

Mild HealingPurge VenomAlertnessHealingRecoveryUnshacle MindTotal HealingBattle RageShieldingLance of FireQuicksilver feetBeast CeremonyDarts of IceCall AidBite of the serpentCoils of the SerpentcharmbeastAre there some other spells that can be learnt by celts in the demo?
2.Can you learn any nether spells or mystery skills in the demo?
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You can't learn the Nether Spells in the demo. Sorry.

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you cant learn nether or ??? spells but you can learn Spitit Circle Spells in demo i found out.

but you have to do this from start.

when you start a new game click edit your characters stats.....then delete every stat theyve been givin and add enough to get the first 2-3 levels of spirit will then be given those spells automatically without having to buy them....and the repel spirit one is nice.

i also notice that you dont have HeartShock which is a very powerful War circle spell you can learn in the demo....its where the crones are....go to the northeat crone room and there is a secret passage in the wall that takes ya to a small room with an alter.

be careful as there are some whights and youll need a war circle skill of 7 to learn it.

man its amazing what i remember of this game from just playing the demo when i was like 10.

but it was like my first rpg i ever played and i lovwed it. i just wish i had the money to buy the full version.
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I started back from the arrival but even with the 7 in craft circle I could not get break barrier.Anyway thanks a lot.
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Start out with much spells (as you play the demo) for more fun. Use the trick below to get more and more spells.

- set the inteligence up 2
- set the druidisme skill up 1
- set the warfare cirkle up 1
- set the healing cirkle up 1
- lower inteligence

And for much spells at the begin do this:

- use the trick above
- set warfare and healing up 4
- set beast and craft up 4
- set spirit cirkle up 4
- use the rest for spear.
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You can't start with more than the first 6 spells in any circle regardless of your skill level. For Celts, I recommend starting having every druid start with 6 in War Circle (for Darts of Ice), and having at least one start with 3 in Spirit Circle (for Spirit Ceremony). Starting all Druids with 1 in Spirit Circle for Repel Spirit is a pretty good idea; wights and shades are pretty common and tough early on.

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