Buying Nethergate

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AuthorTopic: Buying Nethergate
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Do you think there is any way john would sell Nethergate to me for $15 without buying another game?

i really dont have $30 bucks for it and i can never save enough cause there is always some rent or bill emergency.

and buying two games is even worse for me then its like $45 bucks total

Im not gonna be rich till i grad college but thats not gonna be till december

and i really need a new game to destress.

maybe i could buy half now half later? :)

yeah right lol
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Take out a student loan. :P

By the way, it's Jeff, not John.

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i have a sucks

i always get names wrong....but hey i knew it was a J name lol
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Spiderweb games are already sold for much less than most computer games. There's no way to get a further discount on the prices no matter how much you beg. The one exception would be the intermittent sadness sales. There's no telling when one may begin, but then you'll have a month to buy Nethergate or any other games at even better prices.

—Alorael, who is paid $0.001 per post for these sale advertisements.
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