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AuthorTopic: help with goblin fort
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i'm playing the celts and i need help with the goblin fort quest. i have searched everywhere in the goblin fort and i cant find the disc.i've tried everything form searching for secret passages to searching for a boss. could someone help me?
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Continue searching for a boss- there's a fomorian on the second level who is guarding what you're looking for.

This info was taken from Schrodinger and Zeviz's site.

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on the second level near the bottom right....but not all the way to stairs.....there is a room with a fomorian and some wolves.

kill them and in the upper part of the room in one of the chests is the disk you need.

there is also a locked room with some nice armor and rings.
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i've killed the fomoran and wolves but HOW DO YOU GET INTO THAT LOCKED ROOM!?!?
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forget the locked room part of my last post i've found the disc. but now im stuck on the fairy quest. i've went to the fairy place which told me to go south. i have passed the guarded brige and went to the burial glen and talked to the shade. what do i do now???

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I'm assuming you're referring to the quest which involves travelling to Ruined Hall and meeting with the sithe? If so, you need to head some ways West, until you come upon what appears to be a large hut on a raised meadow, surrounded by woods. When you try to travel into the meadow, you'll receive a message from the Crones, characters that will become very important in the story. They'll tell you that you must visit them before you can travel to the Ruined Hall, and they'll provide you with the directions you'll need to reach their hut. After you're done doing a quest at the Crones' hut, you'll finally be able to visit the Ruined Hall.


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is the crones the three evil old ladies in a hut who took all my stuff and made me thier prisoner? if they are how to get out of under thier hut???
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Search the prison area for a few weapons to use until you recover your equipment. You'll eventually find a passage that leads out. It's a fairly straightforward search for the chests that have all your stuff and an exit.

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