Tired Of Nethergate?

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AuthorTopic: Tired Of Nethergate?
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not sure if it is allowed but i really tryin to get ahold of a cheaper Nethergate CD since im a poor college student...and i really dont want to give plasma again for this game....its like it sucking your soul out of your arm....shiver...

so maybe someone is tired of their cd and would sell to me for like 5-10 bucks?

or maybe this isnt allowed in which case just delete this thread.
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Trying to steal from a company on that company's official message board is just not smart.

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didnt think it was stealing, ppl resell their old games on ebay all the time....im thinkin of selling my old diablo2 and LOD cd's along with keys....ive already sold all my characters and items....made a nice tidy profit.
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No, I think that request is against the forum's rules. Since Nethergate is fairly small, it's easy to copy onto one's HD and sell of the CD. Legally, you can't do this with Diablo 2. I'd suggest saving up $$ and attempting to get the Nethergate discount along with another game.

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