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AuthorTopic: Galag-Trav Secret door
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Apparently there is a secret door on the first floor with a barrier of fire with a ring of accuracy and other stuff. How do I get to that spot? I have searched everywhere!


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I have 2 other questions:

How do I get to the tomb where everyone gets +1 Faerie Lore? Also, where is the NE secret room on lvl. 2 with the fury helm?


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There are no annotated maps for this game, so I just recommend bumping into every single wall you can, and look around a bunch. Others have had problems getting the +1 to faerie lore, see the recent topic.

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My memory seems to be failing me, but I seem to recall a Fomorian altar present on one of the floors above the floor containing the shrine. If you choose to pray at this Fomorian altar, you will be told the location of the shrine, and be instructed to find a sort of box containing certain valuable Fomorian scriptures. I'm unsure as to whether you can indeed enter the shrine without first praying at this altar.


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To go to the NE rooms with that helmet simply go NE so far as you can.then go south a while and use that craft spell to get a vision(i cant remember me the name of that spell),use that spell a fiew times till you gett the place of the hidden rooms :) .
after defeating (a lot of)fomorians scearch for the helmet
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The name of the spell is Far Sight.

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