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I just bought Nethergate (I had been playing the demo) and received the disk in the mail. I downloaded the full version when I received the email, uninstalled the demo, installed the one I had just downloaded and started playing a new game. Last night I got two messages in different rooms in pink (the messages were in pink) about going to Was this normal or do I somehow still have a demo version? I noticed when I installed the downloaded copy from the ftp site given in the email that the main screen still has the choice on how to order. Is there something wrong maybe? Should I install from the disk?

Also, question on candles and long will they provide light? Are lamps refillable or do they just provide a larger radius of light?

I am still working on the mines (playing the Romans). Taking it slow as the game is still new to me. This game is a great deal of fun and I am hooked already.

I am sure I will have more questions later as I get further in to the story. Thanks for the help.

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I haven't registered, so I can't answer the first one, but lamps provide light longer than torches or candles. That is something I'm sure of. They can't, however, be refilled.

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Thought so on lamps versus torches....

The game is decidedly different based on which side you pick, I will say that! I tried the Celts first but then switched to the Romans to follow the help file tutorial a bit. I feel so stupid at times trying to remember who has missile weapons and who doesn't. So dumb.. :)
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The demo ends once you get to cross the bridge. If you downloaded it from the ftp site listed in the email, you're probably OK. It's likely that your game is fine, and you'll probably get the CD shortly if not anyway.

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I got the cd already (such fast shipping. This company is great!) but was so curious about the odd message in town and once in the mine about visiting the web site. Since I am not so far in, I may just uninstall what I have and install from the disk.
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The pink messages seem to appear when the [*] key on the number pad is pressed. I think it's just supposed to be silly, pay it no mind.

As for the "How to order" option on the main menu, it never goes away. Just ignore it, too.

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That's it! I was mis-hitting the number pad a couple times during movement. Cool, I will pick up where I left off. This game is so cool! I was sold on it quickly. The premise alone of Romans versus the Celts was fascinating.

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if u hit one of the Function Keys (the F# keys) you get somethign about happy Celt. It's funny, and servs the same purpas.

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