Trick for maximizing skill points in a new game.

AuthorTopic: Trick for maximizing skill points in a new game.
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I noticed in Nethergate that characters created in diferent slots get a diferent amount of skill points then those in other slots. For the Celts the character in slot 3 gets the most points and for the Romans it's the character in slot 4. So to make use of this fact I deleted the characters in the other slots one at a time and then moved the character from the slot that gave the most advantage to the slot of the chracter I just deleted. Then I create a new character in the special slot now vacated by the character with the benefits.
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And if you're really in a bug-exploitation frame of mind, you can boost specific circles past your general druidism level. This is more helpful with Celts, of course, but it should work for Romans as well.

First, raise your intelligence so that you have at least one bonus point of Druidism because of high intelligence. Then raise any or all circles to be equal to your Druidism level. Then lower intelligence until Druidism is lower than the specific circles. Once you've done that, you can raise the circles without paying any attention to druidism. As long as druidism never becomes equal to the circle.

With this trick, you can start your druids off with no druidism or intelligence but extremely impressive spell repetoires. In particular, it's easy to have Hero of Old from the beginning.

—Alorael, who just discovered this while replaying in v1.0. If this has already been known, he's sorry for being redundant. And if it is known, it probably doesn't work in later versions, either.
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