Puzzle in Burial Glen

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AuthorTopic: Puzzle in Burial Glen
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Im in a room in the Burial Glen, inside a box there was a scroll that reads crate, crate, barrel. I tried lining them up, i tried pushing them through the portal, neither worked. What am I supposed to do??? And does it have anything to do with burning the spirit?? Which was asked of me when I entered burial Glen. Cant seem to find that either.
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You line them up on the carpet/rug spaces. If you already tried that, you may have had them in reverse order. Once they're in the right order, go through the portal.

Yes, this is related to burning the spirit's body.
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You need to line them up on the carpet, with a crate on the north square, a crate on the middle square, and the barrel on the south square.

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It took me a while to get that one too..

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