Where is the SKULL!

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AuthorTopic: Where is the SKULL!
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I am under goargh-nar by now, i have already destroyed the stone tablets and I CAN'T FIND THE SKULL! where is it.

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Romans or Celts?

The skull can be obtained through completing the fomor's quests. In both cases, it can be found through the religious trial, which is to the north, and on the bottom floor.

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By the way, actually breaking the tablets is not really necessary and very dangerous. Just look around carefully in the "test of faith" area (or whatever it is called) and you will find it.

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The skull ought to be in the second room of the Ordeal in the lower levels of Goagh-Nar.

I agree with aformentioned comment of not breaking the tablets, it´s tricky, and you´re not gonna get anything for it. Even of the fomorians asked you to do it, why should Romans care aout such filthy barbarians, let them burn.
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make sure you're in the right place too! :)

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I was pre-registered for ages and so went to the only fomorian dungeon I could find. Never found the Skull there! Doh!

It's the place in the extreme NW of the map, just like your commander tells you. The fomorian advisor gives you an excellent advice scroll if you talk to him after Queen Nix.

Smashing the tablets is fun if you've got your 'quicksilver sandals' or whatever, though they don't chase you more than one stairway up, in my experience. If Roman (I haven't done the Celts yet), don't get too attached to the Skull though...
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