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My son recently downloaded the newest Avernum demo to try out, and it got me thinking of a time waayyy back when that I used to play Exile. I decided to load up my old disks (I am registered for all Exile and Blades), but on my new computer, running Windows XP the screen resolution makes the game TINY... I can't even see anything it is so small.

Is there anyway to change the resolution before running Exile? I dont want to change the monitor properties every time because it messes up the desktop icons and it is a pain!

I like how Avernum changes the resolution for you while the game is running and doesnt mess the desktop icons up.

My son loves Avernum, so I'll register that for him, but I decided it would be fun to go back and do the Exile trilogy agian since it has been so long I dont remember it all, but the display size is becomming a problem.

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Does Exile run in 640x480? If it does, simply locate the main application, right-click it, select 'properties' from the drop down menu, go to the Compatibility tab, and check the box that says something along the lines of 'Run this program in 640x480'.

Then, every time you start the application, Windows switches the resolution for you. Hope this helps.

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