sound won't work!!

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AuthorTopic: sound won't work!!
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gaaaaaah!! sound will not work on any of the exile games (haven't yet checked boe)

it just has a message like "sounds stuck error b. can can still be played but quietly" :mad: i dont wanna play it quietly! (excuse my spoiled-soundingness)

can anyone help? what should i do? i've tired re-installing but to no avail.
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The Exile games are really, really old. Sometimes strange things go wrong when you try to play them on new computers. We might be able to help you more if we knew whether you were using Mac or Windows.

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If you have any sort of audio program running in the background, like a music player or another game, this can sometimes cause that error. I hit this once in Avernum 3.

I think it may have to do with the mixing device... On the sound card, I mean.

EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, this may be caused by a glitch with your sound card. At least, that was the problem with mine.

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i am using windows xp pro incase your wondering (i don't believe theres a glitch in my sound card, but how would i check if there is one?)

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I had that problem on my old computer. Just don't run any music/sounf programs in the background. But if you really want to listen to music, turn off the sounds in the game.

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I'm familiar with the sounds stuck error; I first encountered it in Windows 95b (don't comment), but have seen it even in Windows 98 (I confessably have yet to run an Exile game in XP).
If you run a program that already uses the sound card while starting up an Exile game (I found this prevalent in Exile 2), there's a good chance that the Exile sound engine will think that all of your system's sound resources are already taken.

If you want to listen to music or multitask or whatever, start up the other program after you start up the game.

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you see thats the thing, i dont listen to music in the background i like playing the game by itself but it makes no difference, the problem still occurs.
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I think this is too complex for us to deal with. I'd suggest e-mailing Jeff. He might have encountered something like this before and may have a solution for you.

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i've tried emailing him before, but got no response (this was a few weeks back.) perhaps it was the wrong address. could sum1 supply me with the right address for these types of things?
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I imagine he reads My experience of running Exile games under Windows XP indicates that installing the latest version of sound/video drivers (from the manufacturers), and also direct X (from microsoft), works wonders. No, really.

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