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AuthorTopic: Teleporter......Exile: 2
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I cant find the damn Teleporter Fortress and its been days! I cant find Pyrog's Fort either, i'm by Fort Dranlon! Can someone PLEASE help me!?!?!
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I'll start with the easier one first, Pyrog's Fort. Starting at Fort Dranlon go by boat along the river directly west and take the first branch north when you reach the big lake. Go north and get off on the west bank. Pass through the Giant Lands through the check point. Turn north and then go east through another check point. You should see the sign for Pyrog's Fort. You can't get in from the front entrance. Go see the Vahnatai Council and they will tell you about a back entrance. So from the front of Pyrog's continue along the route until you reach an Empire outpost. Inside will be two boats that you can use to go west to the back of Pyrog's Fort and the secret way into it. Once inside there is a lever to open the front gate. Lots of fighting so go prepared.

The Teleporter Fort requires going and searching Elderan's (?) Tower north of Fort Dranlon and on the west bank in a swamp. You will find information telling you to go to the northern islands (use the second boat) and find the storage facility. Inside are records telling where the Teleportation Fort is and how to get past obstacles. To get to it you have to follow the river west from the northern islands and find a secret passage at one of the beaches.
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For Pyrog's Lair you need to go NW from Fort Dranlon to Giant Lands.

Look here:

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What second boat...sorry but some of the instructions confuse me
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Nevermind I got it! Thank you very much!
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