disapearing npc exile3 (purgatos)

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AuthorTopic: disapearing npc exile3 (purgatos)
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What do you do when you reach Kneece, and purgatos is not there or you accidently kill an important npc?. I have tried to use the editor and reset the town, as well as leave town, but he does not re-appear. The lizards and his pet lizard does, but still he does not. Please help.

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Most of the important npcs have sdfs coded into them I think.

I'm not sure what they are though, or how to change them.

If you're only at Kneece anyway I'd suggest re-starting the game, and be careful not to kill any npcs (or if you do load afterwards).

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The way to possibly fix this is to go outdoors and hit ">", this will reset towns, but not resurrect important characters. Reenter Kneece and hopefully he'll be back. If not, well, you can either skip the roaches or reload to an earlier save.

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This has happended to me to (though after the roaches mission was completed) It is must confusing.

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