E1: Erika's Tower

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AuthorTopic: E1: Erika's Tower
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So the Scimitar dudes told me to go and see Erika - "by all means, go and visit her", they said, so I ought to be able to get there, but I've no idea how. I've got four of the bits of mold for the witch - where is the fifth? Can someone post the co-ordinates of them all, or at least describe in detail where they are? I'm sure I've walked into every wall on this map and not found any new secret passages. Sigh.
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Here's a map. It's for Avernum, but I believe the mold locations are the same in Exile.

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There's one piece which you need to cross the river for.

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Some of the pieces require going through secret passages.

Getting the mold isn't necessary to see Erika, it just makes it easier.

You can use the orb of Thrani instead of the giant boats.

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Thanks guys! I figured it out in the end - I hadn't found the giants' boats... Doh
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