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Hi, I've been playing these games for awhile but I got a new XP computer recently, and exile wont run, or even install, in specific exile3. I know avernum is recommended, but I despise every to do with it, and want to play exile.

The error is

16 bit Windows Subsytem
C:/Windows/Sys32/Autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Windows apps. Choose close to terminate application.

So I'm wondering is there any way that I could play exile3?
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One of the guys here sent me a patch awhile ago which helped. Sorry I don't actually have it, but if you hold on hopefully whoever it was will check this topic!

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This is the topic where SkeleTony talked about the help file he had: 16 but MS-Dos error

And this is a link to the help file:

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