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AuthorTopic: reg-codes
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here's a desperate guy called Yoeppy who played exile 3 for years, but hasn't regisered it yet.
Can somone please give me a reg-code for both the game and the editor. :P i'd really like that.
email it to[/url]

Greetzz, Yoeppy
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You have to pay for them, which you can do online or over the phone. You won't be getting a free code here!

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Just to let you know, asking for free copies of any SW games here is a good way to get yourself banned.

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This post is all the more idiotic for the fact that in order to register, you must submit ur own registration number. The chance that someone else on this board has the same code, and is going to give u the corresponding code is pretty slim. Anyways asking for codes on a shareware board is an offense often punished by tarring and feathering.

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Just so you know why you're about to be banned: yoeppy, asking for reg codes is one thing that will get you instantly removed from these boards.

Especially when you do it twice.

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