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I have a few questions. Where is asp located? how do I get into the shattered fort?
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Asp is in Cotra.

You need a key from the Castle to get into the Shattered Fort. To get it you first have to help Patrick by providing graymold salve.

—Alorael, who can give more explicit directions to graymold if desired.
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Is Grah-Hoth in the shattered fort? I've searched the whole thing and havnt found him. I got the royal seal and it summoned some Haakai but I didnt' see him. Also were are the items located Sulfrus wants me to get.

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Grah-Hoth isn't in that shattered fort--he's in a bottle (until you let him go) beyond Skarragoth (in the Abyss, in the general vicinity of Erika's).

As far as the things that Sulfras wants--one is in Spire, the other is in the Tower of Magi.
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