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Sorry about the knew topic; I couldn't be bothered to find the topic inwhich this was mentioned previously (if, indeed, it exists). Basically, What I want to know is: where can I find the soul crystal or crystal sould or what ever it is in the bandit placey place in Exile. You know, the first mission that Anixemander gives you.

Thanks, CM
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Anaximander doesn't give you this mission - Koriba asks you to find a statue, and the reward for returning it is a soul crystal.

To find the statue, climb the stairs at (30,1) in the Wolf Pit (below both the Goblin Lair and Bandit Hideout). You can use the priest spell Location to find the coordinates.

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there is another way ,but it takes all the fun out of that is use the E3 editor if you have the registered copy of it

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Your right: that is no fun.

Basically, follow Drakey's (Drakefyre) instructions and you will be fine. There are also walkthroughs underneath the header of The Exile Trilogy, if you get stuck.

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