E2: Barrier Tunnel

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AuthorTopic: E2: Barrier Tunnel
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'Kay, so I figured out the Fort Haledon thing and they're all standing by to help me out when I go to storm the Ornotha Ziggurat. Only I don't know where it is. I'm guessing it's got something to do with the barrier tunnel, but I've pretty much tried anything to get through the tunnel and can't figure that out now. Any hints? Thanks!
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You need dispel barrier or piercing crystals.

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The problem is that every time I dispel a barrier, when I try and walk through it, the heat forces me back and the barrier reappears. I've tried dispelling different blocks of the barrier, tried walking at the barrier from different angles--nothing helps. I'm stumped!
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If you killed the ambushing vahnatai, in Fort Haledon, talked to the leader and shown him the orders, if you then go to the enterance to the fort, you should have the option to start the attack, say yes.

Then, when you go through the tunnel, there should be a gap in the barrier. I think you might have not actually started the attack, yet.
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Ah! Thanks! Mission accomplished. :)
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im having the exact problem but i cant get into fort haldeon!!! please help!!!!
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You need the orders from (I think) the Olgai Council.

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You need orders and have to talk to a guard near the gate to get let inside.
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