Exile III Need Hint

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AuthorTopic: Exile III Need Hint
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Hoping anyone who has played the game before can help me :)

I have difficulty in those two area while playing

1.In the isle of Bigail, there is a dungeon called "Spiral Crypt"
what is the answer of the Ghast's riddle:

"i have two knifes, they are red and sharp, i want to stick them in your head, what are they?"

i can't get it..

2.Under the dungeon under Castle Troglo, there is an odd array of 6 button, where can i find the clue to solve it?

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1. The answer is 'fangs' although it's kind of funny when you type teeth in.

2. I don't know about that one yet, i'm getting the rest of the game in a week! :D (happy dance)

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About the button puzzle... Are you talking about the one with the six numbers? 'Cause in the hint booklet they tell you what to set them to. I could tell you if u like.

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But that would be cheating...

Hmmmm, I've always typed teeth, fought him, and then got out through a compicated series of secret passages, levers, and undead creatures.

What happens when you type fangs?

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The only things I can get you is this full-out walkthrough of Exile III. Hope that the Troglo button thingy is in there somewhere! :)


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Specifically, "From left to right, set the buttons in the special to 5,4,3,2,0,2."

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thank for all your reply:)

however, about the six button answer: 5,4,3,2,0,2,
where can i get the hint of this answer in the game?
Or it is just a repeating trying?
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It's just trying to see where the runes in the building move on the floor. Each button corresponds to a different rune. It shouldn't be too hard without the hintbook.

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Same FAQ, newer version. Last one in the list.

Just had to point it out. Even this version hasn't been updated since forever, though. :mad:

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What happens when you set the right buttons?
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You'll find out.
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To that ghast thing, if you type in Fangs, you don't get to fight him, but you get to fight the things behind the wall.

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