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AuthorTopic: Secret Sliths - E2
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Is there a way to get to the boat on level 2 of this area?
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You must have asked Pathass, in Gnass about 'ritual.' Go to the second level, and look for three pools, touch each one, and then you will be able to pass to the boat.

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Usual disclaimer: my information comes from Avernum, not Exile, but it should be the same.

From the FAQ in the header of the AT boards: "Head south from the altar, kill some more priests, then check the SE wall for secret passages. Go down it, and bathe in each of the three pools. Don't read the rune! Go north, then head west, you'll find a secret passage. Since you bathed in the slime you can pass the rune."

The boat is right past that rune.

EDIT: Same time as Xan Kreigor. Oh well.

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Thanks! I missed the secret passage to the SE.
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