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hello again with another poll. i know it's so soon after my last poll but my ideas develop fast I guess. now for the question. What is your favorite RPG? some of these you may not even have heard of and for some of you Spiderweb Software's games may be the only RPG you've ever played. Don't worry for most of these are Jeff Vogel's. for those of you who are RPG fanatics i have provided I wide selection so I doubt most of you will coose other but then again these are only the RPG's I've played and know I haven't played them all or even probably 40% of them. so vote away!!!!!!!!

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Somebody is digging in the past.
well. . . and wondered if this poll could have swallowed Ultima or Wizardry or Bard's tale???

Also wondered whether this looks better in the General Forum. . . for, under Exile trilogy not much chance for Geneforge to get voted?

Lastly wondered whether digging up just makes the board dustier.

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I agree. This would be better off in General.

But on the subject, I say Exile or Avernum.

And everybody say....Yatta!
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This is in General. Are you confused?

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