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In Exile 1, the witch in Cortath's shop in the Tower of the Magi says that, "he probably went to visit Phyllea in Fort Draco. Ask her where to find him". However, there is no one named Phyllea that exists there, unless I'm missing something. Any suggestions? Thanx.
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As far as I remember she is in the northwest corner of town. I think she is inside a secret room as well which may be why it is difficult to find her. If you are unable to find her still then something else may be the problem.

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The woman you are lookin' for is in the northwest corner of Fort Draco. If you enter the westernmost shop in the north, search the west wall for secret doors. When you find it go north and open the door that you'll find. The woman inside is Phyllea. She won't talk to you unless you say the name 'Corthath'. Then she only says that he crossed the bridge west of Fort Draco and headed south. Go over the bridge, head south until you find a hut/special by a pond. If your mage knowledge is high enough you can find the recipe for Graymold Salve. Oh, by the way, Corthath probably got killed in the battle that occured to the north of the hut. Just a guess. I hope that this information helps. :cool:

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Thanx guys for the help, I completely overlooked that room. Unfortunately, Cortath is dead and I already ransacked his camp...I thought ther was more to finding him for some reason. Thanx anyway, tied just one of the hundreds of loose ends together that make up Exile.
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