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AuthorTopic: Defiled Crypt
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Where is the defiled crypt? Apparently that's where I get the spell Word of Recall, and I know that that's just like the amulet, but I can only use the amulet to a certain distance.
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Northwest Valorim I think. Also, I think someone has to tell you its location before you can find it, except I don't remember who that person is.

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The Word of Recall spell is available in two places in Northwest Valorim:

1. The Defiled Crypt.
2. The Remote Cavern.

The defiled crypt is visible to you from the beginning; travel to the area just outside Athron's lair(north of Calloc), and then follow the mountains north until you reach the crypt. This crypt is easier than the remote cavern.

The remote cavern is somewhat farther north of the defiled crypt; head to the Quarantine Wall at the edge of the map, and then south until you reach the mountains. Follow the mountains to the southeast, and you will come close. Before you can get in here, you need to have purchased the map from Masok, who is in Karnold Province.

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