Killing a Doomguard

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AuthorTopic: Killing a Doomguard
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How do you kill the doomguard in the tunnel to the Blackcrag fortress?
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There's no way to prevent it from splitting, so you should make sure you do as much damage as possible per hit. Heavily bless your strongest fighter (or several fighters, if they're all about equal). Then whack away, making sure that you always hit the original one. Copies appear with only as much health as the parent Doomguard had after it was hit, so with enough work, you can kill all the copies if you want.

However, as soon as you kill the first one (probably the original), the portcullis will open. At that point, if there's a way through all the Doomguards, run for it. If not, you'll have to do some more hacking and slashing.

—Alorael, who can also recommend the editor if you're completely and utterly stuck. There's an option in one of the menus to remove that doomguard and open the portcullis.
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Sorry to catch you out but-
There actually is a semi-complicated way to keep them from splitting. If you summon large amounts of creations the game will not let any more monsters to be created and the doom guard will be unable to split. The difficulty is in not letting your creations hit the doom guard before there are enough so that it won't split. I was able to solve this with barriers though. This of course is semi-cheating because it takes advantage of a fluke in the game but if doomguards are a huge difficulty, or if they just get tedious this works very well. :)

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Yes, I spoke too soon. You can also use force barriers to prevent splitting. Barriers at least two spaces thick in all directions, with room for one fighter to stay in with the Doomguard and hack away, will prevent splitting. But that's a phenomenal waste of spell points, difficult to pull off, and ultimately at least as much of a headache as just killing the thing.

—Alorael, who has never been able to set up the force barrier blockade faster than he could wipe out the Doomguard and babies.
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Sorry to correct you again, but I believe that monsters will not be placed onto fields like fire and ice.

If you conflagurate the doomguard constantly, I don't think it can split. If you find it worth it, scrolls of Wall of Blades can also be indispensable AS LONG as you can do lots of damage very very quickly.

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I remember having great success using Protective Sphere (sp? Priest spell, which creates concentric fields) and Web. IIRC, the Doomguards would slip onto the fields, or the webs. I killed Erika this way.

Don't dual-wield, or spell-attack in this battle. Just keep up the major blessings, and whack with your greatswords/halberds. I remember using man's best friend (aka captured Ur-Basilisks) as well.

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The one day i felt daring enough to attempt to kill a Doomguard i used wall of blades alot, if my memory is correct it did not split the guards and also dealt alot of damage.

Its just my opinion,i could be wrong.

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Mass Sanctuary + Bless + lots of tolerance for boring hacking = infallible solution

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I remember when I did this guy... I placed myself so that my whole party was in one square between rocks or barriers so only 3 could reach any of my players at one time, but all of my players could reach any of the three. I just hacked away or stood ready until all were dead. It took a while, but there was a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

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A very fun way to kill a doomguard is to use shock wave. If you are hasted you can split the first one into about 6 with every use. It's amazing how long it takes to kill the doom guards after 4 or 5 uses of the spell.

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OMG.... doesnt any1 remember the traditional way???

*shakes head, sighs*

you cast antimagic clouds... it stops them from "magically" splitting.... make sure its in the whole cavern though...

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Conflagration costs less SP and works just as well, if you don't mind getting a little burned.

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or you can just keep whacking and slashing until the clones are so weak your mages can pull off over 20 damage a punch.
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