how to reach goodies at shaila's?

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AuthorTopic: how to reach goodies at shaila's?
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Going through my second G4 game and I just ran into something I could not solve the first time either. Istill can't find the controls to inactivate the electrified field in the North end of Shaila's inner sanctum.

Let's see: there is her magic circle and north of that her bedroom and then north of that the aforementioned electrified field protecting 1-2 boxes.

A friend is going through his third round and also can't find it.

Anyone knows where is the control to inactivate the field? :confused: Puleese!

P.S. Playing it as a lifecrafter is soooo amazingly easy after doing it as an infiltrator singleton!! I'm stunned.
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Look near the pillar in the area to the west of the field. Jeff loves to hide levers and items so you can't really see them. Move the cursor around to see it light up.
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Was that the underground place leading into one of bunkers of the Shaper controllers (what were they called)? Moseh and so forth... . That place drove me crazy, trying to alternately avoid and find a way to turn off all those electrical fields.

(EDIT: No, that wasn't Shaila. Ostensively I'm talking about something else. I remember the Shaila area being pretty easy.)

(Wait: I think I remember what you're talking about. You have to squeeze around the southern edge of the south room and sneak inbetween the fields to get to a control that's there.)

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