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AuthorTopic: Randomizer's canister list
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My infiltrator has kept away from canisters but now that diplomacy is not needed (or so I hope) either to face the Titan or for the final Unbound act, Ariadne has become a canister hound.

Randomizer's canister list is amazingly useful (my thanks to you, Randomizer) and would like to add to its polishing if I may. In the list by zones, on zone 76, the Essence Lances canister is not mentioned (it is in the Battle Magic list).

A question: in Create Rotghroth, Sentinel Woods/Groves is listed but I could not find a canister. (Though, thanks to looking for it Ariadne did find the solution to the mystery crypts in the SW.) Could someone be more specific as to where it is?

Tomorrow, the Titan awaits and a rotty or two would be nice :)
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Thanks, I updated the list some. I forgot to cross reference it.
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