missing rotghroth fang windswept farmss

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AuthorTopic: missing rotghroth fang windswept farmss
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I needed a rotghroth fang and went to the Windswept Farms for it (thanks for the items list, Synergy!). I got rid of the creations by charming them and thus, letting them kill each other. My infiltrator only killed a rotghroth, a drayk and a couple of other things.

Anyways, at the end of it all.... no rotghroth fang! Not a one was dropped. Is this because most of the killing was done by the charmed creations themselves?

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Check all the boxes, nests and etc, also the drop I think is chance based. If you have an autosave before that area, use it and try killing the Rotties again.

*Eyes potential targets*
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Thanks for the reply :)
B4 heading back to the Farms as you suggested, I checked out the Northforge Warrens and ran into the rothghroths and rotdithion (sp?). And, yippee! got the fang! (Did scour the Farms nonetheless - I'm a packrat - but still found nothing.)
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