Reiner commits suicide!

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AuthorTopic: Reiner commits suicide!
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OK, I'm in the Circle of the Drayk, merrily slaughtering Serviles. Once they all are dead except for the Drayk (whose turn comes later!) I go fetch Reiner, assuring him that the coast is clear and it's fine with me if he wants to continue his life as a slave. So off we go, slaughter the regenerated Serviles, and now the coast is really clear. All Reiner has to do is turn north to freedom, or slavery, or whatever, so I exit combat mode and... to my horror Reiner goes *south* to the waiting jaws of the Drayk. The next message is "Reiner is dead." No s**t Sherlock. Anyone have any idea why this happened?
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I had something similar happen, where a NPC that was following me charged into a swarm of enemies and promptly died. Why? Maybe they realized their existence as mere 0s and 1s in a mess of circuitry and decided that they couldn't live with the truth. Or maybe the pathfinding system got screwed up somehow. Either way, the only way to fix it is to reload from a point before the NPC suicide and try again.

And if it happens again, you'll just have to kill that Drayk to prevent the suicide in the first place. Of course, that could have the side effect of Reiner reaching the Drayk nest, discovering it dead, and sobbing to the heavens, "WHY?!?!? WHY DO YOU ALLOW SAVE AND RESTORE?!? WHY?!?!?" But I suppose a sobbing servile is better than a dead one.

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An update: I reloaded, and it happened again. So I killed the Drayk, then fetched Reiner. This time near the end of the final Servile slaughter Reiner happened to be near the exit and escaped while I was mopping up the final Servile. So I don't know if killing the Drayk did it or whether still being in combat mode when Reiner had a chance to escape fixed it. Weird.
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In the Scripts folder check the file "z20reiner.txt", this spells out that if a certain flag is not set then he may attack. I don't currently know the contents of his memory cells, so I can't finally say if there is a flag.
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