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So I'm in Grosch, and I have a couple of Servile Technicians b/c I would have though by their name that they could diffuse the high level mines, but I'm not sure how to get them to. Am I making a bad assumption that that is what they are there for(b/c they are definatly not there for combat) or am i missing something obvious?
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You need some mechanics skill in addition to the Techs for your skill to be high enough. Basically, each one boosts your effective mechanics skill. When you click on a mine, if yours + your servile techs is high enough, you will disarm it.

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Servile Technicians boost your Mechanics by five points if I remember correctly. Channelers increase your Spellcraft by a significant amount. The other guys just kill things.

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You need leadership of 7 or more to recruit them unless you have a high Rebel reputation.

Use ? to look at you ablities and you will see that servile techs are added directly into your mechanics number. This is pretty much the only way to get into see Monarch without a big fight or setting off the traps. The minimum difficulty route is 20 so with mechanics of 5 and 3 servile techs you can at least get into the center of his realm. Most of the mines are 25 difficulty and are a great source of experience.
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