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I found that you can get by with very few canisters in the game. The daze canister during testing is useful since you use that spell until you get strong daze so every level helps. As a lifecrafter there are the creation canisters especially since this is the only way to get the third creation level for everything except fyora. The mechanics canister in Western Burwood helps if you do the expert area to reach an effective mechanics 17. The strength, dexterity, intelligence, and endurance canisters are in the expert area after you are at the end.

The major difference between low usage and high is that in the Swamp Crossroad you get to chose between paying the bandits instead of just killing them. Otherwise there don't seem to be many places where it hurts you to use as many as you want.
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It doesn't hurt, but there are many encounters where you will no longer have dialog options except to start fighting after you have used seven (?) canisters. I only played one game where I used very few canisters and it wasn't nearly as fun, but it's a good challenge. I pretty much always want to fight the fightable anyway: more XP and loot. I'm usually tough enough to handle it.

What happens to you in the end story of the game is different depending on how many canisters you used.


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Okay, you've been warned.

I used as many canisters as I could because I craved powerful creations. This had rather detrimental effects for my Pro-Shaper lifecrafter. Shaper and Drakon alike tried to help my poor sanity with little effect. I didn't appreciate the ending one bit. They spared my life! Oh, joy! Clap hands, dance around exuberantly!


Anyway, the most of the canisters seemed to be worth using if you didn't mind the going insane part. They tended to give you powers that you wouldn't necessarily be able to get otherwise at that point in time.
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