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AuthorTopic: Question about the sides...
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Without giving any spoilers, can someone tell me;

1. Is it possible to bring about the destruction of one, or preferably both, geneforges, and still ultimately ally with the rebels instead of the shapers?

2. Is it possible to remain pretty much entirely neutral, and assist both sides sporadically, throughout the entire game?

3. Im at the part at the start of the game where I need to make a choice between betraying the caravan, and letting them through. Will my choice damn me entirely in the eyes of whichever side I annoy?

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1. No. You can't destroy the Geneforges the way you could in previous games.

2. Yes, it's possible to remain fairly neutral. There will be two times where you can't continue forward until you complete a major quest for either the Shapers or the Rebels. But if you complete one quest for one side and the other quest for the other side, both sides will still deal with you. But you will have to pick either the Rebel, Shaper, or Trakovite ending to finish the game.

3. No, you can do either. The Shapers will be more forgiving of you getting the caravan to safety than the Rebels will of you betraying it in terms of reputation, though.


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It's best to lean toward pro-Shaper in the early game, though. If you're so pro-Rebel that you can't get the main quest the Shapers give you in Chapter 2, the Shaper path will be cut off for the rest of the game. (You don't have to complete the quest for the Shapers, but you do have to get it and report the result.)

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