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AuthorTopic: All stealth game
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Is this type of game even possible? I am going to try to play without landing a single combat blow. Any advice would be extremely welcome.
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Just to let you know there are some fights that you can't avoid, though it is feasable to never have your pc attack. Have other people do it (i.e. Greenfang, the servile in Ilyia safehouse, the people who you get to help for monarch, shotwell, the other shapers, or your creations)

For an all stealth build, you don't get enough items to make it feasable until somewhere after midway, though stealth is very helpful.

If you do want to avoid combat. Invest in mechanics, leadership, blessing, healing, and mental magic, and some parry would make sense.

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If you have a creation with you then it's possible to never personally strike a blow. You will find it hard to get through several areas without combat.

Mental magic to improve the effectiveness of daze and strong daze, charm and mass madness will help you avoid some fights and gain "friends." Too bad this doesn't work with undead.

I tried it once and found that it's possible to do most of the Forsaken Lands but it's takes a lot of reloads later on in the game.
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