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AuthorTopic: About ornks
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Well if u got 3 canisters (got lvlv 30 create ornk on editor and there is only 1 ornk canister per game)
u could make a high lvl ornk.
the thing is they call it ur-ornk.
there is no such thing as a ur-ornk.
you could make exploding ornks.
they are just the same as normal ornks but they explode and induce like 100 fire dmg when they die. and the exploding range would be 3 x
when that happens dont be near it or you might die instantly (based on fire resistance and health)
im not saying its true though but it would be cool if u could create a lethal ornk that kills almost anyhing just by absorbing or killing the ornk!

also lvl 3 create ornk doesnt do anything exept make high lvl ornks.

dont blame me.
i just saying that u cant make exploding ornks ornks.
even with the editor.

ur-ornks would be the size of a drakkon.
but they dont explode. or do they?
just tell me at u think.
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Why don't you just edit the scripts if you want it so badly.

And don't type so confusingly. People might missinterpret it.

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You know, as much as ornks are cool, there is no point in having any ornk variety in the game other than an oozebeast. Otherwise it would be way too powerful, and would not exist in the game other than when you shaped it.

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Bad threads about Ornks make hungry Vlish cranky.

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