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I'm stuck and need help. I cannot continue further North because I am totally outclassed by shaper thugs and their creations. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out to the south are the control panels in the Purity workshop that need to get powered up by living tools.

I'd appreciate any help since I'm hoping that getting past the fire pits in the workshop will get me to a trainer that will allow me to upgrade my creations to tackle the Northern line that I'm not strong enough to mount an attack upon.
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There are two approaches through the Purity Workshop B. The combat approach is along the east part and you have to fight off vlish, roamers, and clawbugs in the largest room and then hellhounds in the next room on your way to the kiln and its ruby. You need to be buffed and hasted before they see you. The best bet is to jump into the middle and try to daze as many as you can. Jeff thinks you can pick them off on the edge, but that's never worked for me.

The mechanic approach is along the south wall and requires about a dozen living tools to do all of it. There is a closed door on the south wall that opens to a spore box control. The first control panel only has two controls that can be changed and doesn't waste any tools for the ones that are stuck. This will allow you to safely pass over the heat panels to going north to the first door that opens when you get next to it. Save the game often so you don't have to do too much if you go the wrong way. Pass through the door into a corridor and go north past the now deactivated electrified field. The first room on the west side has Tinker's gloves. The path north goes to a library and eventually to the second control panel and healing and essence pools. The controls that you need are I think the first section A and vat controls for quadrant 4 need to be turned off. The other controls will let you loot the southwest corner and a few other areas. Make sure you are fully healed and recharged before going back south past the library and take the first door on the west side, You then follow the heat pads north until you see the pools of poison gas. Turning the vat controls off will reduce the poison/acid damage. Go into fight mode and haste yourself, There are some nice items in the far northwest corner. The door to the kiln is in the northeast part of the room and takes several rounds to open. Pay attention to heal and haste yourself. Continuing out the door on the other side leads to the Warded Sea Caves.

If you want to fight the rogue creations I recommend using a living tool to unlock the door on the east wall near the library since it puts you in the middle of them an gives you a better position to daze the most creations.

You have to do the Moseh quest for one side or the other to get into Chapter 3 and meet the trainer. If you help the Shapers enough you can get the Repair Moseh quest which gives you a Passage Bracelet that will make most of the creations in the Western Barrier Zone and Thornton not attack you.

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The only way I've ever been able to beat the center of Purity Workshop B has been to take them one by one. Go around the corner, attract the attention of one or two monsters, and then run away. When they follow you, enter combat mode and kill them, then go back and repeat.

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I just did Purity B on Torment with a melee/mental magic Servile using lots of daze and whack. For anyone not tough or mental enough to do this, those nasty acidy roamers need to be lured out of the second chamber one or two at a time, and get little bits of the huge pack of critters in the first room to follow you around a corner and dispatch in manageable lots.

You can save living tools by not turning off any vats or the B heating pads which you don't need to kill.


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I forgot to mention that if you haven't built up combat skills, you really need to. Jeff made northern Illya a bit easier than in the early betas, but by this point you really need to have more than the initial fighting skills.
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