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AuthorTopic: Script question about Creations
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Thorny Artilla is on a different map. Keeper Tycho.

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Originally written by Delicious Vlish:

Thorny Artilla is on a different map. Keeper Tycho.
Heh, I just bumped into it by random, actually, on my latest run through. I never knew that thing actually had a spines like ability, since I've always zorched it at range.

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*Sigh* you guys are doing the creatures the hard way :D . Why dont you pump up our intelligence then create perfect monsters? i have the intelligence stat # as part of my extremly boring study of the script of my editor (i only have basic stats, no sspells or creations) and i just use it and make like a Cryora with perfect stats. Yes, i said cryora. Give the earlyies some love some love :cool:
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If you are going to have battle creations use two fists, then you should keep in mind that most things are not ambidextrous. Perhaps Fist A should do 3/5 of the damage and Fist B do the other 2/5 of the damage.

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Ah, poopie. Filefactory says the files have expired, or somesuch.
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