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AuthorTopic: genaral
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i have a gene 5 idea

a new type of player


magic- normal

shaping- normal

combat- normal

isnt that an idea

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and that is too powerful but you can cut it doun


more leadership but bad luck

leadership 5
mech 3
luck -5 :D
and b the way luck is relly important it gets all your special skills up like poison resistance and speaial enconters :cool:

in geneforge 1 the tribal graves level in one of the pillars there is a rod you need it to crack the code you need 5 luck to get it and you need to find it :confused:
then you put the ghosts to rest and the bad luck is gone then you dont feel sick anymore :cool:

ps- leveing this area of the site i saw i have 4star karma thx my fans i am sry for cussing too

pps -one time i cussed im sry

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You probably don't care, but I think this is a horrible idea. Part of the fun of the game is that your character can't do everything. Plus the name is horrible.

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Bad idea...What Dollarking said is very,very true,the game's characters aren't supposed to be able to do everything.
but you can make a character with all three skills,i have a lifecrafter that can actually fight with melee,cast aura of flames,and can shape powerful creations,and has 720hp.
and that name is kinda corny,sorry...

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Actually, that class would suck. If you aren't going to shape much, the Infiltrator and Servile are clearly better. If you are, the Lifecrafter would likely be better anyway. That class would need more than "genarally" balanced HP and Essence in order to be remotely useful.

Luck also does not increase resistances. It increases displayed resistance but won't decrease your damage one whit.

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Double posting, bad speeling, and genarally spamming the board as seen in other threads.

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