Where will G5 be?

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AuthorTopic: Where will G5 be?
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Originally written by Lord Safey:

How does haveing 3 captials increase its governing effectiveness?

I don't suppose that it does. The European Union has three capitals, and it's mayhem.

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It's possible Terrestia is wilder and less settled despite having been settled by Shapers first, and therefore holding the Shaper capital. What we've seen of Terrestia is a pretty inhospitable place, long on fens and wasteland, short on endless fields of grain. So perhaps Terrestia is just worse land for settling. Advances in shaping made after Terrestia was settled might have allowed a more fertile second continent to be developed very quickly.

Or perhaps there were recent wars or disasters on Terrestia, which the other continent escaped, but from which Terrestia was still trying to recover when the Rebellion began.

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