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I am currently playing through for the first time as a shaper lifecrafter and am looking for the parts to make the Flameweaver Greaves and the Cloak of the Shadows. i have used the link above but i cannot find either "matala's workshop" nor "the breeding pits" could somepone point me in the right direction please

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If you just started playing then you can wait some time...Matala workshop is under the western Morass, and the breeding pits, if I recall correctly is under the northforge warrens, both are the only areas that I haven't cleared yet.
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Matala's Workshop is along a path following the eastern edge of the zone to the north.

The Breeding Pits is entered from Frostwood into the west side of the Northforge Warrens and then go south before the pylon wall. There are a few pylons in the way in Frostwood that you can shut off.
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