Favorites that didn't survive beta testing (some SPOILERS)

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AuthorTopic: Favorites that didn't survive beta testing (some SPOILERS)
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The things I like that didn't make it through beta testing:

1) Being able to kill stasis bound creations since they couldn't hit back and it didn't make the area hostile. Then when the boss monster tries to summon its minions they are all dead. Kind of like killing pylons on the way into a trap in Avernum 4.

2) The infinite Titan bug in beta 2.0.4 where you could slay the Titan again to gain the great treasure. It gets easier with repetition.

3) Finding out in the Shaper fight in Northforge Warrens that if you don't kill all of them you can't finish the game. So go back until you get it right or use an earlier save.

4) In Northforge Citadel, finding out that if you kill a tested creation during testing that the door won't open so you can leave and they won't talk to you. If you attack again then they all turn on you.
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Abusive stunning paralysis. Sure, the game is better without it, but there was something satisfying about being able to fight Monarch without ever letting him move, let alone attack.

—Alorael, who wonders now how the game would have worked with the new AP system and the old stunning system. Much more stunning would have been required to lock enemies down. It might have worked a bit.
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Sending in two spine-shielded rotghroths against the rotghroths in Northforge Warrens, and watching the enemies impale themselves on my creations (meanwhile failing to harm them) is regrettably no longer possible :(

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I don't know if this has been fixed: charging straight south as a loyalist in the Inner Shaping Hall, surviving the pylon field, then pummeling everybody in the control room because they can't hit for toffee. It almost felt as though I won by brilliant strategy.

I also don't know if this has been fixed: there's that one infiltrator in Burwood who just wants to talk when you first meet him, and won't fight until the next zone. There's also a room with a door in this zone, and if you play your cards right he'll find you there, and still be friendly. So you can close the door to stop him running away, and kill him there.

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