Pacifist helping Shaftoe?

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AuthorTopic: Pacifist helping Shaftoe?
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I'm trying to play through the game without attacking things directly, and I'm having a problem with the rogue servant mind. Am I missing an obvious way to deactivate it, or do I need more leadership to get help from Shaftoe? Maybe I misunderstood the quest and don't need to help both Eliza and Shaftoe to repair Moseh.

If you want more information about my challenge, here it is:

I'm an infiltrator. (For the blessing magic)
I haven't had any real problems so far, but I dread having to kill monarch with his summoned creations.
I'm playing on Normal.
I side with the Shapers. (To avoid using canisters)

Anyway, Moseh. If there is no way to kill the mind without attacking, and I need both Shapers' help, I guess I could let the serviles and rogues defeat Moseh for me. But I would prefer to help him.

Edit: I looked at the walkthrough and it looks like I only need one of the Shapers. I'll leave this topic because I can't delete it, and to answer questions about my Geneforge 4 pacifism.

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You don't need to help both in order to help Moseh.

I believe the only way to get help from Shaftoe is to kill the servant mind (just the one that is already hostile).
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