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AuthorTopic: Question about EYE ROAD
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How do I deactivate the pylons (the glaak stuff quest)?? I just have to pass them?? Because in certain point I find myself trapped and blowing up with every step I make!! It's anyway to deactivate them?

Also there is no way to get to the west side of the river right?
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If the eye cleared the pylons along the road, then you can slip west just south of the bridge by staying close to the river for a while and then walking between the pylons (which is really tricky) until you reach the eye's workshop.

It's the only way Dikiyoba has done it so far.
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Ok I will try, I have done this before but i can only get to the half of the way before BOOM!! There is an specially tricky place that I still can't pass...

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If all else fails, cast Essence Armor and Augmentation, put on your best energy-resistance gear, have your creations stand well clear, and run through. If you're careful to trigger only one pylon at a time, it's survivable even if you're a lifecrafter who's never put points in Endurance.

To get across that bridge in the northwest, you need to have done the refugee quests back in the Fens.

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