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AuthorTopic: Maps of East Terrestia ONLINE
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I've completed the work of the maps of Geneforge 4.
There are 3 maps available, a map of Southeast Terrestia, one showing Northeast Terrestia and a full map of East Terrestia. They have been entirely made by me, who is also the owner of the domain where the maps have been uploaded to.
There are a total of 66 regions presented in the maps, if I have forgotten a region, please post a picture of the region and it's vicinities so that I can add it to the maps.

East Terrestia
Northeast Terrestia
Southeast Terrestia

Note: The maps does not show underground dungeons.
If I find a good way, in appearance ofcourse, I will add them to the maps.

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And to think, Jeff said this would be a small game.

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Thank you.
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