Warded Sea Caves

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AuthorTopic: Warded Sea Caves
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Anything there? And how do you get past all the pylons? I can sneak around, but as far as I can see it does very little good. Can't find the off switch!
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You can get through the caves to end up somewhere useful. Moseh's Bunker, I think. Yes, it's possible to sneak around some pylons and deactivate others, although it takes a fair amount of Mechanics to flip the switches that let you reach treasure. Mostly it's a matter of being careful, saving frequently, and not being afraid to get really dangerously close to the pylons.

—Alorael, whose great breakthrough was discovering that it is, in fact, possible to open some chests and activate some devices through the pylon line. It's only useful in two places that he found, never with any real benefit, but it's pretty neat.
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If you have enough health you can survive the pylons. Using augmentation, essence shield/armor, steel skin, and protection you can reach that body. There are some nice things like the oozing blade so if you have the mechanics it is worth it. Just pay attention not to approach the lines by less than 2 squares.
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Health? You can get to every square inch of the Warded Sea Caves by using those boxes and not taking a single point of damage.

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Doing so requires you to use both entrances, though (the caves and the ladder).

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There is one body in the southeast corner under an electrified line that has a living tool on it. I figured it was worth it the way I
use them.

The old beta allowed you to reach all the spore boxes without coming down from Rocky Point if you had at least stealth +1. Jeff changed it for the current version.
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