Turabi Gates-get me past the guards!

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AuthorTopic: Turabi Gates-get me past the guards!
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Must get essence fused skin. Cannot get past guards. Die every time. Someone help.

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You probably need to be at a higher level. You won't be able to get past the gate until a long time after you get to that zone. A singleton on a low difficulty might be able to do it earlier, but otherwise you'll need to wait.

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I figured as much, but wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something. I managed to make it all the way to the essence fused skin the first time I tried to sneak past everyone...but then that Shaper saw me, shaped a wingbolt (I think it's called), and..um...well...lots of swearing ensued.
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Try equipping some stealth armor, as that may have helped me when I did it.

Do you have haste? If so, cast in on yourself, leave your creations behind you, get about as close as you can, and then enter combat mode and run around the set of enemies.

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Synergy is good at doing this. I found that using stealth items helps since you don't want to fight.

Use a green spore baton to take out the mines and then retreat a bit from the gate. Even if the guards take damage it won't trigger an alarm. I found there is a spot along the south wall by the gate in a corner that is close enough that you can go in hasted fight mode in the next turn and slip inside the first room to the on the south side by the desk. None of the shapers can see you from there. The next turn is go to the south door to get the captain's boots from the door closed room. Go back to next to the desk and then at the start of the turn race around to the area with the jar containing the essence infused skin near the shaping platform. You can't reach the jar until the next turn, but you are out of sight.

Reverse your route and you can escape without being seen. It also helps to augment and essence shield yourself in case a guard sees you since I once was attacked, but it didn't raise the alarm. I just healed and continued with the looting. It's also possible to take out the turrets using icy crystals and retreat out of alarm range from them. Just watch for a patrol guard.
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You have to know when to make your creations distract enemies while you haste and run. It took -X- several tries to get to the end. Sneak attacks on the guards work well, if you can kill them before they sound the alarm.

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Is the Haste spell the same as the Speed spell? i hope so...because otherwise I don't have it.

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thanks a lot of the help everyone-i'm going to try again tonight.
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Haste is the name of the spell in Avernum/Exile games that is equivalent to speed in Geneforge. It increases your action points (AP) per round in fight mode. You can't sneak past the guards in real time mode.
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What Random described is essentially what I do. Hasted battle mode is necessary. If I'm tough and gutsy enough or have a clutch of creations in tow, I might whittle away at the turrets and stray guards from around corners, but the actual run for the Essence-Infused Skin involves hiding just around the closest corner in the SW, hasting up to 12 Action Points, then running straight all the way up just around the corner into the hallway that leads to the box where the skin is. Same deal on the way out. You can also dart into the middle room and out again if you want to loot it also, while you are there.


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I was able to just draw everyone out one or two at a time and pick them off once I got drayks, but it was hard and not really worth it.

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