How does one "go about in a stealth/haste manner?

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AuthorTopic: How does one "go about in a stealth/haste manner?
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Ok, so this is a totally newb question, but I'm finding that certain areas are better off not killing everything in site (pity). For some of the difficult areas I have come here for hints, and I've read suggestions such as, "go into haste/stealth mode".

How, exactly, does one go into Haste/Stealth mode? Is it just casting Speed on myself? Is there a super secret Haste button?
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Go into fight mode and cast speed/use speed pod. This will give you more action points and better control. Some areas can be done in real time mode, but I had trouble reacting to monsters moving near me.

Certain items have stealth to help reduce the distance at which you will be notices. Infiltrator's cloak and tunic, clover and swamp boots (in the Fens) are the earliest ones in Illya province. This will allow you to get closer to them without being noticed. This also applies to mine triggers, although Jeff removed the ones that it helped the most with disarming.

If you finish your turn without them being able to "see" you because of walls or you are outside their notice area then you have successfully moved without arousing their suspicions. Turabi Gate, Western Barrier Zone, and Thorton are all areas where this is useful if you just want to loot when you are a low level character.

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